Cuisine: Dessert/pastry

Area: Delivery within the 4th Ring Road

Price: 149-249 RMB

Holy fuck, you can buy pies in Beijing!

And these aren’t just any pies. I love to bake pies, and have been doing it for a long time. But I might as well be honest and admit that the pies from Pie House Beijing are far, far better than anything I’ve ever produced at home.

So much “Western food” in Beijing is either insanely expensive compared to local prices or a twisted shadow of food you love. I would rather have three fantastic Sichuan meals than one decent Italian; and having pasta with sugary sauce or something is just depressing.

Pie House may be expensive (149-264 RMB for one) but it is worth it. They have free delivery and usually can send you your pie in under 5 hours. And these aren’t individual servings – you can share the cost among up to 4 or 5 people.

Ordering online is a bit of a gamble, but you can trust me that this pie will fulfil all your dreams for it. I’ve now ordered a Strawberry Cheese(cake) pie, which I photographed, and a Strawberry Rhubarb and both were extraordinarily delicious. City Weekend also has a lot of positive comments on the Coconut Cream pie. Next up I definitely want to order the Banana Cream pie and the French Silk (chocolate) pie.

The Strawberry Cheese pie was extraordinary – a chocolate bottom layer, gooey cheesecake, delicious, fresh strawberries. It was warm from the oven when it arrived.

When you phone, you’ll usually reach someone who speaks Chinese. If you don’t speak Chinese, though, the person on the phone will usually understand the names of the pies in English. If you have any special requests, like I did once about allergies, they can often connect you to someone who does speak English fluently.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they have cakes and tarts too!

Pie House 派悦坊
Order from:, or call 010-51664464 between 9 am and 9 pm
Free delivery within the Fourth Ring Road.