Cuisine: Sichuan

Area: Nanluoguxiang

Price: 50-70 RMB per person

This restaurant has a great location at the top of Nanluoguxiang and is often packed but the dishes disappoint.

If you love Sichuanese food, this place will make you sad.

Shuizhuyu: Looks beautiful, no flavor.

Really, really good basic Sichuan dishes, like yuxiang qiezi and ganbian siji dou are surprisingly hard to find in Beijing. After my favourite spot on Jiugulou got shut down to make way for a Yunnan BBQ (?) restaurant, I’m searching again. Bayu was not the one. Where are your favourite ganbian siji dou/ganbian doujiao?

Bayu Xiongdi Chuancai/巴渝兄弟川菜

121 Gulou Dongdajie, at the intersection with Nanluoguxiang.