Sanyuanli Market, just north of the embassy district in Chaoyang, has only one, long corridor. They stock a ton of awesome, rare-in-Beijing stuff: spices, herbs, vegetables, etc.

Here’s what we saw today:

Pre-bagged salad greens at stall 120 for 4 RMB each (along with fresh mint, chervil, thyme, lemon leaf, oregano and italian parsley).

Couscous and arborio rice.

Lemons, beautiful baby tomatoes and (unphotographed) limes.

Twinings teas.

Cheeses & caviar (!)

An almost-hidden bottle of port (for 100 RMB!)

All kinds of pastas (we got bowtie).

Beautiful mangosteen, jackfruit, durian, grapes…

Plums, avocadoes and pears. (Be warned, the avocadoes are 10 RMB each).

We also walked out with balsamic vinegar, Maille mustard, Parmesan…all were very affordable (the mustard was 28 RMB) and you can also find Indian spices, artichokes, coconut milk, fresh herbs, etc. Go, and don’t hesitate to walk behind the counters and search!

Sanyuanli Market/三源里市场

Shunyuan Jie (opposite Jingkelong Supermarket, west of Sanyuan Dongqiao), Chaoyang District


If you’re getting in a taxi, just ask for 三源东桥 San3yuan4 Dong1qiao3 and walk south onto Shunyuan Jie.