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Cuisine: Italian pizza

Area: Houhai (delivery available)

Price: 80-120 RMB per person

Just a quick note on Hutong Pizza, whose actual location is in Houhai, but whose delicious duck confit pizza I ate tonight in my dorm room, an hour after calling. I ordered in perfect Chinglish, by the way, easily accomplishable by a 1st-year Chinese student!

Here you can see: yummy duck confit, baby potato slices, roasted garlic, and arugula. The main point of the pizza is the garlic; it’s soft and rich and salty and mild and perfect. The chicken and sausage pizza is also very good, but I’ve never had a bad pizza after four or so visits.

As a plus, the Houhai location is in a beautiful old house – you walk over a fishpond as you go in. What else do I need to say?

Hutong Pizza/胡同比萨

9 Yindingqiao Hutong, near the Silver Ingot Bridge in the middle of Houhai.

银锭桥胡同9号 (后海中间)

Delivery Phone Number: 83228916

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.